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Verizon not receiving mms

I sporadically do not receive MMS messages from Verizon users, and most of my family is on Verizon. It is very frustrating, especially in group texts. jusuni, you mentioned in your post that the AT&T rep that you talked to told you that it is a known problem, and that until Google updates the phone with a new version, the problem would persist.

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I just switched from an iPhone at Verizon to Galaxy S4 (Android) on Ting and I cannot get group text messaging to work. No matter what I do, the phone converts all group text messages to MMS and the people I text are not receiving these group texts. And I am not receiving messages from the group either. Please help. Thanks, Chris. For iOS 9 or above – Go to Settings > Mobile Data.

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Nov 11, 2020 · I started the port out process on 11/6 and received confirmation on 11/9. Inbound and outbound calls finally started working on 11/9. Incoming SMS does not work still (11/11)—however, MMS works; inbound and outbound. SMS to other Verizon users work, but can not receive any SMS from ATT or Tmobile users. When Verizon asked for the "account.

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I have the OnePlus 8 Pro and also cannot send or receive MMS on Verizon's network. MMS works fine when connected to WiFi, but not over the cell network. Update: when I restart the phone and am only connected to Verizon's mobile data, MMS starts working again. I f I connect to WiFi and then disconnect from WiFi and go back to Verizon mobile data.

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2019. 3. 24. · I am not able to receive MMS messages from non-Signal users. The behavior is the same regardless of whether I have 'WiFi Calling' compatibility mode turned on/off in the Signal settings and the outcome is also the same regardless of whether I am connected only to WiFi or only to mobile data (LTE). As others have also stated, sending/receiving.

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